WeChat for PC Free Download – Windows 7|8|Mac

Wechat for PC

After Whatsapp, the second most loved free instant messaging app is WeChat. This application is available for all mobile platforms including Android, Windows, BlackBerry and iOS. Now, WeChat for PC is not yet officially available to download for PC but still we can download and install it. How to Download & install Wechat on PC.

BBM for PC Free Download – Windows 7 / 8 / Mac

BBM for pc

Hey readers, BBM for PC is not yet officially available. Despite the fact, Blackberry Messenger for PC is still available through a working as well as genuine way which will help users in getting the most popular app for PC and that too free of cost. We are here with a simple tutorial on how to […]

Clash of Clans for PC free Download – Windows 7 / 8 / Mac

Clash of Clans for PC

Clash of Clans for PC – One of the beautifully made android Game apps. In this app one need to save his kingdom from the enemies out there who fought to destroy it but you are the one who have to save it for yourself and your people. The graphics of this app is just […]

Facetime for PC free Download – Windows 7|8| Mac version

facetime for pc free download

As many people would not be aware that Facetime is an Apple technology used for video calling in iOS devices like iPhone etc. In the year 2011 Facetime app came into existence as video calling tool between iOS devices and also Mac running devices. Facetime for PC Download has not been developed yet. There are […]

iMovie for PC free Download – Windows XP |7 | 8

imovie for pc

iMovie is an app developed by Apple corporation for the user market where in they can edit videos and also make it. The app has been developed for iOS and MAC operating systems like for iPhone and iPad etc. Users out there in the market wants to Download iMovie for PC also but the developer of the […]

Whatsapp for PC free Download – Whatsapp on PC guide

Whatsapp for pc

Whatsapp is their any smart phone user out there who do not know about it!!! hardly doubt you will find any. our today’s guide is on How to Download Whatsapp for PC, in this step by step guide we are going to cover two easiest method so that you can start using whatsapp on PC […]

Snapchat for PC Free Download – Windows 7|8|Mac

Snapchat for PC

Guides Snapchat for pc Downoad is one of the most powerful apps available today in the market. It is used to send the photos, videos, text etc. to anyone who is also using this app at any given time. One of the most amazing feature of this app is that one can send image, video, […]

KIK Messenger for PC Free Download – Windows XP|7|8|Mac

kik messenger for pc

Kik messenger is a free of cost messenger available on all mobile apps store as well as for MAC and window operating system In the year 2009 students of Waterloo University developed this amazing app for us and just take my word that within a year or so this app has become so famous that about 2 million […]

Shazam for PC Free Download – Windows 7|8|Mac

Shazam for PC

Shazam for pc is a great mobile app developed for those who love to listen music on their mobile or on their PCs. The app helps to find out the name of the composer, name of the track etc. Most of the time person listening to the music is unaware of the fact like the […]

Photo Grid for PC Free Download – Windows 7|8|Mac

photo grid for pc free download

Today we are going to show you a step by step tutorials on How to Download and install Photo grid for PC is an amazing tool for making collage of different photos for special occasions. One needs to have different set of photos having any extension like jpg, jpeg, gif etc. The app has a […]